Professional, Experienced Grooming Services

Evan Woolsey, owner of Cutie_Paw_Tootie is now grooming W-F here at Paws to Play. He is absolutely amazing! Not to mention that our Paws to Play customers love the convenience of getting their dogs groomed while they are here to play or board.

Evan is a sure win with any dog (and their owner). His patient and friendly personality helps give your dog the reassurance it needs, from the smallest little shaking chihuahua to that grumpy old furry friend who would rather skip the bath; Evan is the way to go. We have come to appreciate him both for his grooming quality and his skills as a business owner. All appointments for grooming are set up by Evan at 316-250-7180 so give him a call or text. Try him and you’ll see just how much of a Cutie_Paw_Tootie your pup can be.