“Paws to Play” by Nicole


Posted by Terri | Posted in Reviews | Posted on 11-09-2010

If you have a dog 25lbs or under and are looking for that special daycare where you’ll feel comfortable leaving your baby, knowing he/she’s safe and having fun…. you’re looking for Paws to Play! I was so nervous when looking for a place for my new 4 month puppy to meet other dogs and socialize… I have heard too many horror daycare stories where dogs are abused by staff or romped around by other dogs! But, as soon as I walked into Paws to Play, where everything was clean (including staff), and the dogs were playing and having fun in an upbeat friendly environment, I knew it was the place for my baby! You’d think an amazing place like this would charge out the wazoo for keeping pups, but they don’t! Whenever my puppy hears me grab my keys now, he’s like, “hey, are we going to see my friends at Paws to Play?!?” The staff are so friendly, and genuinely care! They helped answer so many questions about my new baby and his grooming needs. And what’s more, they have a personal groomer! If you’re looking for a place for your baby, stop in sometime and just visit! That’s what I did, and now I’m just as addicted to going as my puppy Bruno is!

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